5 Reasons You Need a Life Coach

The majority of the population has no idea what life coaches do. Not only that, but they have no idea what kind of person would hire a life coach.

So, here are some types of people who could use some coaching:

1. You’re stuck in a rut!
You have this decision to make but just cannot get to grips with the possibility of change.
Maybe you are thinking whether you should get married or not?
Possibly cannot decide to get out of your miserable relationship?
Aspiring to change careers?
The thought of making a geographical change or go after that big dream?
Possibly even scared of the outcome?
A life coach won’t make the decision for you, but will help you clarify your thoughts and help you find a resolution

2. You’re lost.
Maybe you don’t know what your next big “thing” is. Possibly you don’t like your job, or you feel like you’re living your life like an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. Maybe you just completed college or university and don’t feel passionate about your field of study. Desperate to make a change but too scared to speak to someone.

Is your routine as a parent/spouse leaving you unfulfilled and at times totally perplexed?

A life coach will help you sort out what your true personal values are and help you follow the path to success. Help you dream with your eyes wide open.

3. You’re unhappy.
If you’re unhappy, you need a change. Or you need to change.

Either way, a life coach can help you through this. Your coach will help you pinpoint why you’re unhappy and help you make changes.

4. You’re happy.
So, why would someone need a life coach if they’re already happy? It’s the perfect time for a life coach. When you’re happy, and you love where you are, you’re more likely to be open to growth. A great time to push yourself to reach goals that you never thought were possible

5. You’re comfortable.
You have your routine. You’re in a comfort zone. It starts here and it ends there. Any variation of it and you begin to feel uncomfortable.  We’ve all been there. It might be one part of your life, or it might be all parts of your life. And yes, life should be comfortable, but are you having fun? Coaching will invite you to challenge yourself , hold your hand and push you to step out of your comfort zone.