I met Ivan during an Employability course where I had recently become unemployed due to desiring a career change. Not only was he an excellent teacher in terms of guiding me through the hazards of trying to become employed again, he also gave me hope in terms of continuing to battle with my own mental disorder, providing me with both direction and the continued motivation to succeed.

Ivan has helped both my boys, at different times, with problems such as social, confidence and anger issues. The boys felt relaxed and comfortable with Ivan and were able to be open and honest with him from their first meeting.  They loved talking to him and felt safe, whilst working through their issues. They view Ivan as their friend yet know that he has a no nonsense approach and was firm but fair when needed. As parents we also felt safe with Ivan on board. He guided us and supported us whilst offering us a way forward out of situations that we didn’t know how best to deal with. We highly recommend him. We call Ivan ‘The Child Whisperer’.

I was recommended to Ivan through a friend when I was experiencing challenges with my middle son. My son was on the verge of becoming a school refuser and starting to opt out of family life. Ivan intervened and helped my family enormously. He helped my son to voice his opinions and gave us direction into helping him through the challenge of school life. He helped us as a family fit together more comfortably and gave him more structure so he has been able to deal with challenges as they come.  Ivan’s support and guidance has been invaluable.

After spending 18 months recovering from the stroke I can’t say I had hit rock bottom but I wasn’t far from it. I certainly didn’t feel the same confident person I had 18 months previously. I felt I had lost me forever and become someone else, a victim I suppose! However meeting you and having our daily chats seemed to make me grow as a person and gradually I felt the old me returning. My sense of humour, my confidence, the feeling I didn’t need to hide away anymore. I could tackle anything head on that came my way as I was strong again. I am a STROKE SURVIVOR not a stroke victim. Friends and family noticed the change in me we called it the “Ivan effect”. Even my councillor said Ivan should be available on prescription!

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and feel better about myself. I really appreciate all the advice and hard work you have put towards the improvement of my CV and also towards my mental attitude. When I started the course, I was a little skeptical but I was so wrong. Thanks to you and your team, I feel motivated again and now I feel that I have found the confidence in myself which had diminished. Once again I thank you and I hope that I give you a good news soon that I have landed a job. I know you will feel proud when that happens.


I would like to gratefully thank you for your teaching and enormous interview skills you have given me. Thanks to you I’m so confident that I can now kick-start my career. I believe my CV and cover letter is the best its ever been and can be used to send out to employers and recruiters.

Thank you so much for all the help you gave me during the week I spent on your training course. You helped me so much and I am eternally grateful. My CV is brilliant and I am now able to write a cover letter that I never could have before. Since your help I now have a job and started it within a week of completing your course. You are an angel. Thank you for all your time and efforts you put in to help me.