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What are valued clients saying about us

  • Your knowledge has been eye opening to me as I have been out of the working industry for years. Now I feel that if the right job is offered I am positive! Your Advice was there whenever I called your name.

  • I have enjoyed being on the course, thank you ever so much. I am walking away with a strong CV thanks to you and your lovely professional team.

  • I was very nervous about being in a different environment whilst on the week course but from the 1st hour I was made to feel like I was an adult and had the ability to choose my own future.

  • Thank you for your professional support on this course.You have made me feel extremely comfortable & confident to believe in my personal abilities. It may have only been a week but I am excited about my future career.

  • I found the course to be well balanced between group activities, where I struggle more, and time to work alone, which I excel at. Where group activity was involved, I felt that I was under no pressure to interact, which put me at ease.

  • Since joining the course and completing my new digital CV and cover letter I have been invited on two interviews for administration jobs in areas local to me, as well as one telephone interview. This has boosted my confidence as before attending training I was receiving negative responses, if any.

  • Ivan really helped improve my CV which has led to more interviews and a job offer

  • I was at a crossroads in my career and working with Ivan helped me redefine my career path

  • Ivan helped me regain my confidence and be successful at interviews